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M. Sylena Mangum
is the wife of Reverend Steven Mangum, Senior Pastor of The House of Judah in West Sayville, NY She has been serving as First Lady and an Associate Pastor for 11 years. They are the parents of three children; David, Christine and Joshua. They reside in Suffolk County New York.

Lady Mangum illustrates the delicate balance amid family life and ministry. Her heart is filled with love and compassion for women disconnected. She is dedicated to elevating those living and functioning beneath their purpose.

At the House of Judah, Lady Sylena facilitates “The Women of Influence,” a group that fosters the single and married women divisions, as well as the “One + One = One Marriage Ministry.” It is her desire to exemplify happiness, fulfillment and excitement. When near her, you’ll witness her gregarious personality, 100-watt smile and her passionate praise.

When asked about her sometimes-complex life she answers modestly. “The answer is simplified when the five fold priorities are in order. My husband is first, my children are second, my home is third, our church, fourth and my catering business fifth. God has no number. He trumps all! By prioritizing I know he is well pleased.”






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