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Message from the Campaign Chair
Pastors Allan Blackman

What an exciting time in the history of The House of Judah! I am so humbled God has allowed me to both participate and witness this season of “Purposeful Sacrifice...Bringing Impact to The Community” for the masses in the Kingdom of God.

According to God’s pre-ordained plan and timing, this ministry has recently embraced the call to build an edifice/campus that will service the Nassau and Suffolk County areas as well as the New York State Metropolitan domain to include Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This campus will also provide us the ability to effectively spread the gospel far beyond the walls of The House of Judah and the borders of New York State and this country. We are being positioned to expand to the entire world.

As you are led by the Holy Spirit, please contact me and officially become a part of history that will serve to bring many lost and broken souls to Christ and change lives and families for generations to come.

I am ready, willing and well able to put our hands to the plow and our feet to the ground in bringing the vision of our leader to fruition by taking over territories and impacting the lives of this generation and generations to come.

-Pastor Allan Blackman




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