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Message from the Pastor – Visionary
Pastor Steven Mangum

Increasing our outreach beyond our walls. Establishing a more secure and welcoming environment for families, children and guests to be inspired spiritually, educationally, economically and socially are the key objectives of this Capital Campaign. Our theme "Purposeful Sacrifice...Bringing Impact to the Community" embodies Judah’s desire to effect social, economic and above all a spiritual change to a waiting community. This new complex which we will affectionately call “The City of Judah” will enable us to do just that.

By ourselves, these tasks would be overwhelming, but we are all like individual strands of a rope; when woven together, there is great strength.  Ultimately, when different lengths of rope are tied together with secure knots, we can reach farther as God’s people to touch lives with living proof of God’s love. When we come together as the body of Christ, each bringing whatever length of rope we have, what God accomplishes through us is greater than anything we can imagine.

The capital campaign outlined will allow us to combine our collective resources to expand our impact in effective, meaningful ways both inside and outside The Judah Community. Success in this effort will afford more space, and position Judah to do what it does best… 21st century ministry to effect healing, restoration, and hope.

As you partner and prayerfully consider your sacrifice, it is my prayer that you will realize a greater truth about the effort, that this is not as much a financial journey as it is a spiritual one. I believe the process of listening intently for God’s will and surrendering our personal agendas to His purpose is the best part of this capital campaign. I want to invite you to join me in rearranging personal priorities so that we can make firm financial commitments that will achieve the goal set before us, and in turn, see the blessings of God overtake our families in manifold ways.

It is with great joy that I walk this path together with you, and I look forward to rejoicing in the ways God reveals Himself to us during this time.




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